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23/01/2011 13:23
  SAFETY CONCERNS of NUCLEAR   Several safety measures exist to protect against any release of radioactive material into the environment from nuclear power plants. The radioactivity resulting from the fuel and nuclear fission reside inside the ceramic uranium fuel pellets. These fuel...

MY Dreamzz

23/01/2011 13:16
  Dream…………….. I can express myself as a passionate researcher. I want to express myself as a researcher that will utilise my expertness, training and experience in composite reckoning environments as well as my extensive organisational, interpersonal and communication skills. I think, I am a...

Prospects of Nuclear Power Generation in Developing Countries

23/01/2011 13:15
  Prospects of Nuclear Power Generation in Developing Countries   The growing demand of energy for the burgeoning population worldwide has heightened the requirement of alternative sources of energies other than fossil fuels. Though renewable energy resources like solar, biomass, hydro...

Save Environs, Go Towards NUCLEAR

23/01/2011 13:08
  Save Environs, Go Towards NUCLEAR The efflorescence environmental effects ensuing from the use of fossil fuels are the discharge, during the burning  action, of contents like brown ash, CO2, all oxides of nitrogen , SO2 and traces of heavy materials. Carbon dioxide (CO2), methane...

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