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Naught can be and cannot be unity and concurrently and I am, I am Syed Bahauddin Alam.
Exposure to domains like Invention to Tech and from Artistry to Macrocosm gave me a quite concerning outlook to the reality. I love to discover technology from design perspective and vice versa. This sight contemplates in almost all of my projects and research work as well. In short, I do what I love and I love what I do. I am a 'Designer' as well as a ‘Dreamer’…………………..
I am currently a graduate student of University of Cambridge. My mail id: sba26@cam.ac.uk.
My baccalaureate is from Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology at 2011.
I have passed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) at 2003 and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) at 2005 from Faujdarhat Cadet College (FCC).
I was selected primarily for the research position at Mediated Matter group of MIT Media LabMassachusetts Institute of Technology
 at  2011. I am also selected for the Research Scientist Position at HI-TECH BANGLA at 2011. It consists of world class researchers and distinguished professors from the top notch US Universities including University of Texas @ Arlington, University of Texas @ Dallas, Texas A&M University @ College Station, Georgia Tech University etc . Now I am serving here.


I have published International research paper based on Nuclear Energy and Physics for the very first time from Bangladesh. As well as, I have published highest numbers of International research papers at undergraduate level in Bangladesh. I am very much interested in fabrication and design. My research interests are Particle physics, Electromagnetic Shielding, Atomic property analysis and simulation, Bremsstrahlung and radiation physics, analysis of confinement times, time utilization factor, Poisoning effect of Xenon and samarium and 3-D Compton Imaging.
My Thesis supervisor is Dr. Md. Abdul Matin (amatin@eee.buet.ac.bd).
I am not only interested in research activities. I am also very much enthusiastic about extracurricular activities. I take part in all kinds of games, cultural activities and so forth. I also believe in social activities as part of my human duty. For that reason, from core of my heart, I try hard to do something for the human and society.
You can contact me at sba26@cam.ac.uk



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