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Mobile Wallet Scheme Design


I have done a project of GSM Mobile wallet technology where all the banking transactions will be performed by SMS. There I have embedded and designed particular formats of clients banking request. From client to banking
server via mobile server, this transaction request will be forwarded only via SMS. As that SMS contains important info about clients account, so I have designed security algorithm and security software Digital Watermarking. I have implemented this project in Citi Financial IT Case Competition 2010.




This project is based on the security of SMS. When users SMS will be sent to mobile server, it will be embedded into audio, video, text or image. Basically this embedding is called watermarking. The total embedded or watermarked file is now secured because if any intruder opens this watermarked file, he/she will notice just only the particular audio, image or video. Important text will not be noticed by that person. Then this watermarked file will be sent to banking server via business gateway. After reaching to the bank server, it will be decoded by water remover software and by that way, real information will be extracted. Then according to the transaction request, account database will be updated and finally update information will be sent to client/bank user for the confirmation.



I have designed software for voice recognition or speaker recognition. This security solution can be implemented not only in the banking sectors but also in all administrative and important sectors. Here, at first, voice print of the particulars will be collected and it will be saved to voice database. When any person will want to enter, that person will have to give voice. Then this voice will be matched with the previously stored voice of database. If the voice is matched, then that person will be given access. Based on that algorithm, voice verification software has been designed and it has been also implemented in D. Net organization at 2010. 

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