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Project of Nokia Siemes Network: In a Concise Manner

Dual Band Propagation


In Nokia Siemens Network, I have worked with dual band propagation of antenna. We have used KATHREIN GSM antenna. KATHREIN have an extensive product range that covers satellite and terrestrial antenna systems, broadband communication systems, mobile communication base station antennas, filter products and automotive systems. KATHREIN's multi-band antennas can further reduce the number of antennas required by operating at multiple frequency bands. For example, our triple-band antennas simultaneously serve three mobile communication networks with each band set by its own electric down tilt system. Kathrein offers enhanced dual band combiner coupler. The product allows a wireless carrier with operations in both the 806- 960 MHz band and the 1710-2170 MHz band to share a single feed line, saving the cost of a second feed line and the costs to install it, with the additional benefit of reducing tower loading. DC pass-through between all ports, up to 2500 mA, allows the operation of feed line powered accessories. An accessory DC-stop is available for applications where DC isolation is desired.  Moreover I have worked with its azimuth and tilting setting for enhancing network.


  BTS Installation and Commissioning
I have worked with Flexi BTS at Nokia Siemens Network. It provides a 70 percent reduction in energy consumption for a typical radio site (2G/3G) compared to traditional base station sites. The BTS can be upgraded to other radio standards through software, reducing site visits by up to 90 percent.  Weighing less than 25 kg and with a compact volume of less than 25 liters, Flexi BTS modules can be carried and installed by a service technician without the need for cranes or other machinery. Flexi BTS operates outdoors, eliminating the need for costly shelters and air conditioning, reducing site costs by up to 25 percent. Its modular, compact design also means that 20-30 percent fewer sites are needed. In that BTS we can use either 900 or 1800 Band. Here for installation I have used combiner, multiplexer, feeder and jumper. For commissioning of BTS, I have used commercial software for checking all the ports, connections and alarms are alright. For checking rectification, I have used Eltek Software with BTS.


Enabling Edge PCM

I have used multiple PCM’s in Nokia Siemens Network at the project of network expansion. In this project, I have used a kind of PCM which is used only for enabling internet connectivity via mobile SIM. Actually that’s the way in which we can browse internet and attach to the global connection all over the world only via mobile phone. For using internet from mobile set, enabling of edge PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) is the must condition. 


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