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My Research Motivation of Nuclear Power and Physics


I believe that, research should be done for improving human life. Research should have a very specific goal. I have delved into the nuclear energy and physics. A question arises, why I have gone through this? Actually, I have seen the tremendous effects of power crisis in our country, Bangladesh. In summer, there happens load shedding about 10-12 hours. That is too much incredible, but that’s the real scenario of our country. The main sources of power in Bangladesh are coal, gases and so forth. But these sources have tremendous impact on environment. In this effect of high power failure, most sufferers are the patients, students and old people. I think that, for the improvement of a country, incessant power is the must condition. From that motif, I have concentrated on Nuclear power and energy. Though installation cost of nuclear power plant is high, its maintenance cost is optimum comparable to coal, gas, wind, oil and all other renewable sources. Another positive side of advanced Gen-4 nuclear technology is, it is green energy and very much environmental friendly. If we think about the risk factor of nuclear power plant, then it should be kept in mind that, this gen-4 advanced nuclear power plant is highly reliable and its risk factor is less than 1%. As our country is underdeveloped country, solar or wind power implementation might not be a wise decision because of their energy cost factor. Considering all these factors, I have cogitated myself to nuclear power to solve the power crisis of Bangladesh as well as developing countries. Already I have campaigned in varsities, discussed with students and professors about nuclear power to raise voice for implementing this sustainable energy source. 

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