ZEAL FOR ZENITH...........







I am Robin........Sorry...at this long time, I have not mentioned my name just for a single time...Actually that is my nick name..

When I am writing that portion, I am finding nothing to write actually..

I am a very simple boy. I love my parents, my sisters, my cousins and all of my friends.. OHHHH...I am from BANGLADESH...This is a wonderful country for the tourists. If you want to come here, contact me.. I can help you to come here..

ooo.. I am a very much fun loving person...But make fun only with my bosom. Sometimes pretend to be angry when I am in a dilemma (WHISSSHHH!!!!!)

Now, some philosophical (!!!!!!!) words :P :P :P

I believe that falling down is not defeat; defeat is when one refuse to get up. What I believe is true (that's my confidence; LOL )and it's my belief that a man equals to work done by him. I believe in trying the end of the time and end of the last drop of my blood. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” So always it is my pleasure to share innovative ideas, vista and themes.


Please, Come. Meet me here, in brief :)



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