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 We are dedicated to promoting a healthier population, improving access to care for uninsured and underinsured county residents, facilitating development of a coordinated and collaborative health care delivery system, increasing the number of health care professionals training and serving the County, improving sciences competency among primary and secondary school students, and improving the quality of life from the neighborhood level up by attacking root causes of public health problems.

Team Name: SHEBA (CARE)

Members: BUET and Dhaka University Students

Our Activities during Winter: To provide winter clothes and accessories to Dhaka City and Northern side of Bangladesh at winter.

Our Activities during Flood: Flood is a very usual phenomenon in Bangladesh. During flood, we collect money from sponsors, socially competent groups and students from different varsities.




In the rural area we go once in a year to give free books to the students. At this time, we are sponsored by the noble persons of the society.




We have campaigned about awareness program against AIDS in the cities. Our motto was:

“Safe life, happy life”





In all the varsity campuses we have campaigned programme against smoking. We have briefed the students about the negative impact of smoking in their campuses.


Foundation: Quantum Foundation, Bangladesh

My Membership ID # 23/196

Basically I am a regular member of Quantum foundation, Bangladesh and I participate all the social activities done by the foundation.

Our Mission: Serve Humanity

The mission of the Quantum Foundation is to advance health, education, and community betterment for the mankind.


My Charity Works at Quantum Foundation:

The fund for our ever-expanding range of social service programs comes from the charity bank program. Charity banks are small clay banks that we distribute amongst our members and well-wishers, who then save donations in them and give them back to us at a later date.


 Quantum Shishu Shodon (For Childrens)

Have you ever been appalled to listen of new born babies found in dust bins or in front of hospitals? If so, you will be happy to know that Quantum Shishu Shodon was established in the Foundation’s Rajshahi Center to raise these babies as enlightened human beings. Shishu Shodon takes in babies found abandoned in various parts of town and and provides them with the necessary care.


Providing Safe Drinking Water

Setting up water tanks on street sides was the first social service program undertaken by our group. At present, 81 water tanks in various places ensure passersby have access to safe drinking water. In addition 42 tube wells have been set up in various places including Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet to provide safe drinking water.


Mother Care

Mother care is a special attention of us. In this care we have included check ups, regular supply of drugs, counseling etc



From our foundation, every year we go to the hill tracks of Bangladesh and plant varieties of trees. Our new mission is: GREEN LIFE, YOUNG LIFE.


Free Medical Services


Every Friday we tried to give free medical service to the poor. Dedicated physicians of the particular area are requested to do that noble job. 

Quantum Shishukanon

In Quantum Shishukanon deprived children are taken for education and they have also given physical training, technical education for the survival. We dream that, at least one of our future leaders will come out from here.


 Disaster Relief

In the of cyclone SIDR, countless we have  donated money equivalent to one day's income or expenditure, and participated in the distribution of clothes and other relief goods. Moreover we have gone to the disastrous area to serve pure water, saline, medicine etc.

With the motto of humanity and saving life, we have opened a blood bank. Our members and all other interested persons donate blood for the sake of humanity.

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